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12 Health Hacks to make Thanksgiving Healthier this Year

Nov 10, 2021

1. Prep food and bring a dish to gatherings, take this opportunity to learn to make a clean version of your favorite dish.

2. Stabilize your blood sugar by having a healthy fat or protein snack before arriving at the dinner gathering.

3. Bring tea to sip on at gatherings so that it's more about connection than eating food.

4. Take digestive enzymes before you eat, and activated charcoal afterwards.

5. Fill your plate with a majority of veggies.

6. Your health is not up for debate.

7. Practice mindful eating.

8. If you are in a toxic situation, be prepared with neutral statements. Do not take anything personally; go outside and ground often, observe without speaking (like you are watching TV).

9. Take a walk after having the meal.

10. If you will be drinking or consuming high sugar desserts, take medCapsIS.

11. Prepare a few days of the Winter Detox & Cleanse recipes afterwards if you need to clean up.

12. Continue to exercise or move over the holidays and while you are on vacation.